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Stereotactic Tumor Biopsy

Stereotactic biopsy, also known as Stereotactic Core biopsy, is a biospy procedure that uses a computer and imaging performed in at least two planes to localize a target lesion (such as a tumor or microcalcifications in the breast) in three-dimensional space and guide the removal of tissue for examination by a pathologist under a microscope.Stereotactic Core biopsy makes use of the underlying principle of parallax to determine the depth or "Z-dimension" of the target lesion.Stereotactic core biopsy is extensively used by radiologists specializing in breast imaging to obtain tissue samples containing microcalcifications which can be an early sign of breast cancer
  • X-ray-guided stereotactic biopsy is used for impalpable lesions that are not visible on ultrasound
  • A stereotactic biopsy may be used, with x-ray guidance, for performing a fine needle aspiration for cytology and needle core biopsy to evaluate a breast lesion. However, that type of biopsy is also sometimes performed without any imaging guidance, and typically, stereotactic guidance is used for core biopsies or vacuum-assisted mammotomy
  • Stereotactic core biopsy is necessary for evaluating atypical appearing calcifications found on mammogram of the breast. If the calcifications exhibit the classic "teacup" appearance of benign fibrocystic changes, then a biopsy is usually not necessary

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