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Prostatic Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy  is well recognized as one of the best curative treatment for some low risk prostatic cancers, helping to preserve in most of cases an adequate sexual function.Such treatment consists to implant into the prostate many radioactive iodin sides which will work during three months to fight cancer cells.This act is always performed under general anesthesia.The team of Patrick ESCARMANT, MD, head of Oncology, Hematology and Urology Department of the University Hospital of  Martinique (CHU de Martinique) has so far more than 8 years of experience with very good results in more than 400 patients

What are the parameters for patient selection?

  • Indications for Prostatic Brachycatherapy are very precise and include the following criterias:
    • PSA < or equal to 10 ng/ml
    • UICC Clinical stadging : T1c or T2a or b
    • No urinary trouble
    • Prostatic volume < to 50 cc whithout important médian lobe
    • Histological stadging : T2a or b or c, Gleason 6
    • Age < 80 years
    • No important TUPR or recent prostatic adenomectomy

What MUST be done prior to any care in our Unit?

  • First of all, read carefully the Patient Admission Box , at the Web Main Page Top Menu
  • In your living country, visit your Physician and get a medical report. If available, get locally a Prostatic biopsy under echography (and prostatic volume mesures) by the local Urologist. We also require, if available in your Country, a precise Cardiac evaluation including Echocardiogram Report and EKG
  • Then, send us (internet) all your medical records at our team for agreement
  • If we do agree in taking care of you, we will send you back within a few open days a precise cost estimation and ask for Invoice.
  • After reception of this agreement, please return a signed copy of the Cost estimation  with the payment. Ask your medical Insurance if applicable. In all cases, a Electronic Fund Transfer is recommanded. No patient will be admitted without prepayment, as we need to place a special order to the Iodin sides making.
  • Brachytherapy will be provided around one month later (duration for making and transport)

How long does it take to be treated in the University Hospital of Martinique?

  • This is a one week stay in Martinique but with only 3 full days as in Patient.Some investigations will be performed as OutPatient
  • You will have to come over a little bit in advance in order to meet the team and the anesthetist (procedure under GA)

All the process is organized as follow:

  • Thursday : Arrival in Martinique and stay at the hotel
  • Friday : Additional inverstigations are performed on Friday at Pierre Zobda Quitman Hospital including  Prostatic Endo-Rectal Echography, Pre Anesthesia Review in the morning , and a Pelvic MRI in the afternoon
  • The week-end is free of any medical investigations. It may be time for some rest and some leisure. Some touristics packages can be organized prior to your stay in Martinique. Feel free to contact us about that ,in order get a nice experience in Martinique

How is organized the In Hospital Stay?

  • Monday 10 AM: Aat Clarac Hospital around 10 AM at the  Brachytherapy dedicated Clinic. Then, you will be admitted in your room
  • Tuesday : Prostatic Brachytherapy procedure is performed under general anesthesia
  • Wednesday morning  : CT Scan post-implant at Clarac Hospital
  • Thursday morning : Discharge of the Hospital with Medical prescription and English Medical Report for your local Specialist Physician and your GP

How is organized the follow-up after Prostatic Brachytherapy?

  • In your living country we will ask you to have regular urology review  as well as PSA results at 2 months, 6 months,  and then every 6 months over a 2-years period, and then once a year during at least more5 years.
  • Please note that one year after the procedure, some patients may have a PSA « bounce » up to  10ng/ml during 4 or 6 months' period
  • There is no need for any biopsy before 3 years
  • What is the expected 2013 Cost ?

    • The overall cost (2013) in Martinique  for Brachytherapy is  around 10.000 (TEN THOUSANDS) EUROS including :
    • Medical Review and assessment prior to Brachytherapy
    • Anesthetist Review prior to GA, Nurse Care
    • General Anesthesia, Full Brachytherapy
    • All physicians and technicians fees (Urologist, Brachytherapist and the Physicist)
    • Full cost of Iodin sides and all sterile materials
    • The pelvic MRI prior to Prostatic Brachytherapy
    • The immediate Pelvic Scan post procedure
    • Three days and nights as In Patient

Please not that Return flying tickets and additional Hotel accomodation(4 nights) +  rent a car package are NOT included

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Heavy medical support with extra fee can be offered with a short notice for retrieval of critically sick patients