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Hemostatic Embolization is a percutaneous minimally invasive treatment that occludes, or blocks, one or more blood vessels or vascular channels of malformations (abnormalities).
  • In such procedure, medications or synthetic materials and devices are places through a catheter into a blood vessel to prevent blood flow to the area
  • Catheter embolization is performed to control or prevent abnormal bleeding, including bleeding that results from an injury, tumor or gastrointestinal tract lesions such as ulcer or diverticular diseaseEmbolization is commonly the first line treatment in gastrointestinal bleeding of any cause. Controlling bleeding into the abdomen or pelvis from injuries causes in a motor vehicle crash is especially suitable for the treatment.
  • Catheter embolization may be used alone or combined with other treatments such as surgery.
  • Technically, successful embolization without injuring normal tissue requires that the catheter be placed in a precise position. This means that the catheter tip is situated so that embolic material can be deposited only in vessels serving the abnormal area. In a small percentage of cases, the procedure is not technically possible because the catheter cannot be positioned appropriately.
  • Several complex sometimes critical situations request our team experience such as:
    • Pelvic fracture, traumatic arterial bleeding
    • Spleen – Liver – kidney traumatic arterial bleeding and bleeding tumor
    • Post partum hemorrhage, pelvic bleeding tumor
    • Colonic diverticular and angiodysplasia hemorrhage
    • Stomach bleeding ulcer and tumor
    • Hemoptysis


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