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Biochemistry, Biology And Microbiology

At the University Hospital of Martinique (CHU de Martinique),  many Laboratories are testing almost any type of Clinical Specimens such as blood, tissue, sweat, urine, other body fluids. Four Laboratory sections are clearely identified depending on the type of testing being done or the technology performed. Thus, the UHM provide Clinical Chemistry, Hematology-Coagulation,Microbiology-Mycology, Histology - Cytology
  • All laboratories provide a clinical advisory service, which includes the clinical interpretation of laboratory results, advice on the appropriate selection of laboratory tests and investigation and monitoring strategies for individual patients and for specific diseases
  • All services work around the clock 24/7
  • Investigations require a high degree of technical and scientific expertise as well as highly sophisticated systemsand equipments
  • There is close liaison with clinicians and other healthcare personnel within our institution
  • To always ensure the best practice as part of an integrated component of patient care management

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Heavy medical support with extra fee can be offered with a short notice for retrieval of critically sick patients