The SAMU Martinique also called SAMU 972 is the dedicated Medical Rescue Team of the University Hospital of Martinique (CHU de Martinique). It involves two complementary units: A Regulation Center for all Emergency Calls (Centre 15) and a Mobile Medical Rescue Team (SMUR)

►The Regulation Center for Emergency calls (CENTRE 15), is reachable 24/7 via two free phone numbers (15 or 112) without any restriction for every person, within Martinique territory, presenting a medical distress or victim of an accident

  • It is the Decision Making Center for every medical emergency situation that can not be taken care of by a general practitioner
  • The calls are picked up by a staff member trained to deal with all medical emergency situations, who asks the caller about the motive, the place and the circumstances of the situation, and decides immediately to send urgent support in any case of suspected life threaening situation
  • In less urgent situations, the call is transfered to another regulating emergency doctor who will evaluate the seriousness and will suggest the most adapted medical solution

►The Mobile Medical Rescue Team (SMUR) is the real muscle of the SAMU Martinique

  • It is composed of Emergency Doctors, Nurses specialized in Anesthesia and Ambulance Drivers
  • It steps in for the most serious cases in cooperation with the Fire Department to bring advanced medical care to all patients followed with adapted patient's transfer towards the most appropriate Medical or Surgical in Hospital Ward
  • In addition, some teams are trained to operate in dangerous land zones and in off-shore zones
  • The mobile medical rescue team ensures as well inter-hospital transfers of patients wth serious condition and air transfers in the case of inter-island transfers and in long distance transfers towards Europe

Contact us

For urgent request, it is advisable to contact the 24-hours Call Center Service:

International Tel Number:
+596 596 751575

International Fax Number:
+ 596 596 755980

And to follow instructions in the Contact Us box

Heavy medical support with extra fee can be offered with a short notice for retrieval of critically sick patients