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The Heart and Vascular Center is dedicated to both diagnosis and treatment of all cardiovascular diseases in  adults living in the Caribbean.The Cardiology Department is also provinding highly specialized Care to Children (in collaboration with Pediatric Services) and adults suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD)

The Cardiology Department and The Cardiothoracic and Vascular Department of the University Hospital of Martinique (CHU de Martinique) are both recognized as a major Cardiac Center within the entire Caribbean Area, mainly by offering a full range of Services and Programs such as:

  • 24/24 PCI and all others types of Adults and Pediatric Interventional Procedures
  • Resynchronization  Pacing and ICD therapies, EP studies, Radiofrequency ablation (Navix)
  • Open-Heart and Thoracic Surgery

In addition, the Cardiothoracic Surgical Department has developped the only one Caribbean Circulatory Support Mobile Unit:

  • Providing 24/24, with a short notice, any requested mechanical assistance to acute and severe Heart and/or lung Failure
  • In critically sicks patients living elsewhere, such as French Guyane, Guadeloupe, St-Marteen, Netherlands Antilles, St-Lucia or Dominica....
  • Thus, everything is organized to Help you in a Cardiac emergency through our 24 - Hours services using advanced diagnostic and screening tools to provide physicians and their patients to protect Heart Health whatever the clinical status

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For urgent request, it is advisable to contact the 24-hours Call Center Service:

International Tel Number:
+596 596 751575

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+ 596 596 755980

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Heavy medical support with extra fee can be offered with a short notice for retrieval of critically sick patients