Planned admission refers to scheduled in-hospital stay, based on decisions made by you and your physician requiring specialized In Hospital treatment. 

For any planned admission, expected costs and charges can be asked using our Email Website as long as our standard medical report available on line has been correctly filled in and sent back for assessment. In all cases, patients will be risk classified using both French Health System criteria and diagnosis related groups (DRG, French GHM).

UHM will send you back, on demand within the next 2 -3 open –days a full cost estimation of your treatment. A Copy of the Passport, a Pre paid deposit and/or a funding cover letter from one major medical insurance might be required before admission.

When the pre admission process appears complete, we will notify the patient and/or the Medical Insurance Company about the date of admission, the consultant in charge and the expected length of stay

All bills are in Euros. Payment can be made by Cash, VISA CARD (upperlimit 1500 Euros).  However electronic funds transfer (EFT) prior to admission remains the most valuable and secured option


In rare cases, you may choose admission without medical Insurance (Self pay). Self pay clients have to pay out of pocket the entire cost of stay as well as review or extra costs. In such case, after previous assessment of your medical report and payment warranty, a significant and precise deposit covering the expected cost of your treatment and length of stay is required on admission.


In viewing your medical report and past medical history, your Health Insurance Company has proposed to send you to Martinique for some specialized care. The Medical Insurance has contacted our specialized services giving us all information to complete your pre admission process. Hospital stays, use of facilities and equipment, special treatments and tests, and medications are among the items that the hospital will bill directly to the insurance. Any portion not covered by the private medical Insurance will be charged to the patient. It is therefore always advisable to contact your Medical Insurance Company prior to admission date to verify that both UHM and the Medical Insurance have contracted about your care and there are no excluded services. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for all charges and deductibles.

If all documents needed (including Passport Copy, Pre paid deposit and support letter from your Medical Insurance Company) are available on time, the pre admission process is complete. The next step is going directly to the Medical or Surgical Department on arrival. Last personal details (such as emergency contact…) will be asked on the ward by dedicated UHM Staff. In all other case, you’ll have to first contact the Patient Admission Desk.

You’ll be asked to give us precise documents and information. Accurate and complete information is a real key to successful care and treatment.

Your privacy will remain a priority and is clearly protected under the French Law.

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For urgent request, it is advisable to contact the 24-hours Call Center Service:

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Heavy medical support with extra fee can be offered with a short notice for retrieval of critically sick patients