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Diagnostic Endoscopy

The Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department of the University Hospital of Martinique provides several types of conventional Endoscopy Procedures in order to explore the upper and the lower gastrointestinal tract and all the intestines

Gastroscopy allows examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract

  • From the gulletor oesophagus to the duodenum        

Colonoscopy explores the lower gastrointestinal tract

  • Including a careful examination of the large bowel and distal part of the small bowel
  • It always requires a preliminary bowel preparation, including a short diet and drinking of a large volume of special cleansing solution               
  • Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy are mostly diagnostic but allow biopsies and removal of small lesions. They can be performed with or without general anesthaesia, depending on the type of procedures, patient’s medical history and personal preferences.
  • Procedures under GA require may require a short in Hospital stay (usually 24 hours)

Capsule Endoscopy

  • Capsule endoscopy uses a vitamin-sized, wireless camera, taking thousands of pictures, as it travels through the intestines
  • After being swallowed by the patient, the camera moves through the entire digestive system, allowing exploration of the small intestines, inaccessible by conventional upper and lower endoscopy
  • Pictures are transmitted to a recorder, fixed around the waist or over the patient’s shoulder
  • Main indications include Anemia and Diarrhea or other malabsoprtion disorders, unexplained by conventional endoscopy

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