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Cardiology Department

    The Cardiology Department of the University Hospital of Martinique (CHU de Martinique) has received several Ministry of Health accreditations. Our Consultant Cardiologists provide all requested cares to patients coming out from Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyane, St Marteen and all around the Caribbean. As Heart Problems are also involving tourists (cruise tour, vacations in the Caribbean...) our department is used to welcome European Patients as well as many other people living sometimes really far away from our Center
    • Our Major Cardiac Center at the "Caribbean scale" is labellized by the French health Authorities as:
    • Interregional center (FWI and French Guyana) for percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI)
    • Interregional (FWI and French Guyana) tertiary care center for ICD, resynchronization and complex radiofrequency ablation
    • Interregional Center (FWI and French Guyana) for congenital and pediatric interventional procedures
    • Interregional Center (FWI and French Guyana) for complex congenital cardiac diseases
    • Interregional Center (FWI and French Guyana) for Adult and Pediatric Pulmonary hypertension

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    Heavy medical support with extra fee can be offered with a short notice for retrieval of critically sick patients